Yes, I’ve Found Jesus


Religions fascinate me and they always have.  I do not subscribe to any particular religion.  I am not a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, or Jew.  But this post isn’t about my religion or lack thereof.  It’s about my sometimes inappropriate sense of humor.

I attend a chiropractic school so I finally have a reason to have a box of bones.  Just ask my poor mother and she’ll tell you that I’ve always wanted a skeleton.  Needless to say my anatomy and physiology class (just auditing this one since I’ve taken it before but wanted a refresher before my graduate classes start) uses bones and fun websites depicting different aspects of a cadaver dissection. I’ve arranged to borrow an articulated skeleton from a friend so I have something in my hands to remember all of the names of each bump and dimple on each of the bones.  Don’t worry, sadly, these are not real human bones.

I can’t just have a box of bones in my kitchen and NOT name this poor fellow.  There were a few names tossed around.  BOB was a contender for a little while (Boyfriend Of the Box) until it occurred to me that with the nice weather we’ve been having the door-to-door bible preaching folks would be out soon.  So now when they visit me and ask if I’ve found Jesus I can say YES and proceed to tell them that he’s in a box in my kitchen.  That’s right!  I named my new friend Jesus.

Do I need therapy? Maybe but this entertains me and no humans were harmed in the making of my entertainment so pffffffft  😛


Jesus is my friend.


It’s My Birthday

It is indeed my birthday and for this special day I get to work… all day. Oh! And study for a test I have to take tomorrow and really know almost nothing on said test. So with that I leave you with comic funnies.





Catch Up

It is officially midterm at school. Well at least it is for my fellow undergrads. I am half finished with organic chemistry 1 and general chemistry 2. We only have four more weeks of 24 hour studying. This much schoolwork plus working part time (more on that momentarily) leaves most of us in a rather fun state of sleep deprivation. Everything is funny to us. So when I came across this comic I laughed till I snorted and laughed some more.


I have received my first part time paycheck. Between the fun new tax stuff Washington passed down, the new insurance issues (a whole different post), and the cut in hours I had no idea how much to expect so I couldn’t arrange a budget until the last minute. I am happy to report that things will be really tight but it is very doable. Nothing that we can’t do. Ok we can’t “do” things like cruises but I’m telling myself that it isn’t because of funding but time issues. Yah. That makes it much better.

So back to classes. I love my new friends. Initially I walked in and it was obvious that almost everyone there was already very well acquainted and had quite a family atmosphere. That’s what you get at a small private school. When I say that it didn’t take long to feel like a part of the group I’m talking about by the end of the first day I felt like I belonged and was being included in things. A rare and beautiful atmosphere. It definitely makes it easier when everyone you come into contact with genuinely wants to help you. Especially when you think about how difficult these classes are but I’d be worried about seeing a chiropractor that had easy classes. They are anything but easy. Yet somehow I’m pulling a B in both classes. I’ll take it!

Ok off to study.

The Scariest Thing

I’m not afraid of spiders or bats. I’m afraid of bees though. I know it’s silly but I will stand frozen huffing and puffing like a fool till the bee flies off on its merry way. It’s silly. I know. But it’s not nearly as silly as being afraid if the biscuit can that hasn’t popped when the wrapper is pealed back. I’m not exactly afraid but it sure makes me jump! Aaand it’s pretty entertaining according to Ryan. I guess as long as it makes him laugh then I’m ok with it being just another goofy thing about me.