Happy Siblings Day!

This pic was for Mom and Dad’s anniversary a couple years ago but I thinks it’s the most recent one with my sister. Happy Siblings Day Kim!



My New Bestie

Christmas of 2011 my house was surprised with a very generous gift from my parents. Ok reading that sentence makes it sound like they bought us a car or a pony or something. Nope. As a wife to a tow truck driver and living in the middle of this country I sometimes find myself home alone with many pounds of snow and just a shovel to keep me company. Well, a shovel, a couple of dogs, homework, and Pinterest if I were going to be 100% honest. Hubby wouldn’t leave me to do all the snow management if he didn’t have to play knight in shining armor to people in ditches.

What was the gift? A snow blower. Until today I haven’t really had a huge need to use it yet. Nothing a quick pass of the shovel couldn’t handle. Oh I could have used it a few months ago but it wasn’t really necessary to wake up the crazy druggies I have as neighbors. Today’s snow measured up to the top of my knee. Real scientific around here folks. Yes I know I’m short but I’m guessing that is about a foot of snow.

Here’s the funny part. You will laugh when I tell you how I remember to start my new friend. “Choke three bunnies”. Turn the dial to choke, push the primer three times, and move the lever to the bunny picture, then press the start button. See? I told you I was scientific.

Things I’ve learned about snow blowing:
1- Don’t blow snow up wind from yourself. It does not make it easy to see.
2- A snow blower will throw frozen dog turds just as easily as rocks at your pothead neighbor’s house.
3- Heated handles are niiiiice.
4- Have a plan for where you will be piling up the snow you throw or you will be making a path similar to the little Family Circus kid when he would walk through the neighborhood.
5- Rule number one is very important especially if you forget rule number two.


Begin the Hate

Not the pile in my home but similar

I’ve posted in the past about my obsession with finding the perfect gift for people during the holidays.  The one thing that they may have mentioned in February that would make them happy to receive sometimes ends up in their possession during the holidays.  This is something I strive for.  To see that the recipient totally forgot they even mentioned it is the best reward.   Sometimes it’s something that is made special just for them (we’re talking crafty stuff) or even a gathering of smaller things running with a theme.  Silent Bob was presented with a foodie’s delight basket last year.  I really had a hard time not digging into that one early myself.

With one exception my holiday gifts are finished.  Totally. Done.  Some purchased stuff along with some creative stuff.  But that part doesn’t matter as much as it being complete.  I don’t have to worry about a panicked search through the aisles of Hellmart finding the perfect popcorn tin. 

Yah, you can hate me.  I’m okay with that.

A Twilighter Gift

We had a wonderful night with friends last night.  We had some enchiladas, watched Death Race (good movie), played cards, and exchanged gifts.  Now, all of this fun took us until about 4am.   Wouldn’t have minded much except that the furbabies have built in alarm clocks that tell them we can only sleep until somewhere between 7 and 8 in the morning.

Yeah, so with 4 hours of sleep I’m bumbling through the net when what to my sleep crusted eyes should appear?  The best gift I could have found for myself, that’s what!  Really, if you even slightly care for Twilight you will appreciate this find.  A fellow wordpress blogger has a gift for her readers… electronic Twilight calendars for 2009.  That’s right!  Twelve downloadable images for your wallpaper.  Novel Novice Twilight is the best and I thank her!  Go to it people.  What are you waiting for?

HOW Many Days Until Christmas?!?

So here’s the list so far…

Button- Done

ClockTower- Have idea just not funds yet

K- Done

Silent Bob- Done

MomD- Have idea just not funds yet

DadD- Done

MomB- No idea

DadB- No idea

HS- Done

Work friends- A little less than half done making things.

I would say that’s not a bad looking list considering there’s still 52 days till Christmas.  Since money is tight I try to start shopping around September if I can.  A little money here and there is SO much easier to part with than a huge chunk all at once.  No credit cards either.  I don’t have any more and I want to keep it that way.  I learned long ago that a big expensive holiday means big scary bills come January.  NOT.THIS.TIME.

It is a source of pride for me to be able to find the perfect gift for someone with out spending a ton of money on the gift.  It’s an art.  I try to pay attention throughout the year.  If you do this you can pick up on little things.  For instance, a friend might mention that they have a favorite movie but are having a hard time finding it on dvd.  Take that bit of info and you can really make them happy come gift time.  A little help from a search engine and most of the time for less that $20 you have their ultimate gift.  No, it’s not a super cool digital flat screen the size of my garage door (who gives those any way?… no, really, I want numbers people) but it is something that they will really enjoy and you were the little mouse that took a few seconds to remember something that person said months ago.  Oh, and what ever you do PLEASE, unless the person actually asks for gift cards, refrain from the gift of flashy plastic that screams “You’re not good enough a friend for me to actually think about what would make you smile”.   Please, take this newly found knowledge and use it for good this season.

Editors note: The Rambler LOVES to receive gift cards.  It gives her an excuse to go shopping for herself!