There Will Be BLOOD!

Turkey day part 1 went down without a hitch but that also might be because I was simply a guest bringing a cake.  Nothing dangerous to worry about there.  We had such a good time with his family and playing Balderdash with his sisters and cousins was a blast!

Fastforward to yesterday at my mom’s house and we get a bit of a different story.  Brie is a cheese with a wax that can be removed so the cheese can be baked and results in a wonderful melty pot of heaven.  Removing the wax from a wheel of brie is no longer my job I’m guessing since the knife I was using didn’t like the idea of a quiet family holiday but instead had its mind set on bloodshed.  Yep.  Nothing like a holiday trip to get stitches.  At least the physician assistant that put humpty back together was fun to talk to.  Granted, I can’t like her too much since I was only given a script for some antibiotics and nothing to help with the throbbing I was experiencing.  Oh well.

I’m interested to see how much nerve damage I end up with after it is all healed.  I was changing my bandage today and noticed that there is a decent sized area that has lost feeling.  Could be fun.  So it goes.  At least I can still say that I’ve never broken anything… although maybe if I had broken something instead I would have good meds in my possession.


No that isn’t a vat of blood… it’s Betadine.


Holiday Happiness

I grew up in a house with my mother, my father, and a blond child they still tell me is my sister. Mom did almost all of the cooking. Dad was in charge of the Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes and occasionally chicken on the grill (I loved the little burnt BBQ sauce parts). Only in the last few years has he retired. Coincidentally this is also when he started baking cookies. My folks live in a city about an hour away and every time I visit them the cookie jar has fresh cookies in it just for the occasion.

Christmas is when he brings out the big guns though. We are talking about Grandma’s recipes here people. Heritage in edible form. The super special stuff. In a word: snowballs. Ok they’re known by other names as well. Like Mexican wedding cookies, Russian tea cakes, and several others I’m sure that I’m missing.


My sister and I have always loved these cookies when grandma would send them in her Christmas package. Now that Dad is making them they are even more special… even if they’re growing in size. It just means that there is more surface area to cover in powdered sugar and I am more than good with that idea. Although it also means I need to find a bib as that stuff goes everywhere!

On this day I say thank you to my dad for continuing the family tradition with a simple recipe that brings so much joy.

I’ve Been Gone Too Long

With the holiday last week I was able to get off from work for five whole days. It was a fluke really but I will take it. Now the only problem (other than not remembering what real shoes feel like) is not wanting to go back. It emphasizes how much I would like to win the lottery. Not even a record-setting payout. I’m only asking for the kind that will pay my living expenses till I die.


Yes, I’m Failing


This is the part where I get to tell you that I’ve become totally complacent and I’m paying for it.  The holiday season is more than just nonstop eating of super rich tasty treats.  I know! I was surprised too.

Over the summer I was able to spend quite a bit of time outside. I’d take hikes, go fishing, and spend time camping.  I miss all of that fun.  I never thought about it as exercise. I haven’t gotten a lapband fill in a very long time and I’m sure that if I’d really been working with my band how I’m supposed to I would be at my goal. But I haven’t.

Drinking 60+ ounces of water a day? Nope
Getting 60+ grams of protein a day? Doubt it.
Exercise regularly? Not really.
Drink with meals? Most of the time.

See what I mean? Failure at each piece of the program.  Well call it a reason or call it an excuse it is what it is.  And Thursday I will take my first baby step back into the bandy fold. I’m getting a fill.

But the family holiday weekend is in a few days, you say? Yes.  I’ll still be on liquids when the rest of the family is gorging on Monica’s famous lasagna.  And I’ll still be on mushy foods when the other half of the family is digging into chicken fried steak that I’ll be making.  And you know what? I’m ok with all of that.  It’s the time spent with these people that I’m most looking forward too not the garlic breaded goodness or the gravy smothered beefyness.  Yah that’s it.  🙂

It’s ok. You Can Hate Me. I Would.

Everyone knows it’s just a few hours till the weekend starts.  Most people even know that it’s a holiday weekend.  Meaning most people also have a three-day weekend. 

Not me. 


I don’t even have the illustrious four-day weekend that oftentimes happens with long weekends. 

Here’s the part where you get to hate me. 


I have a five-day weekend. 

See?  Told you.  But it’s ok.  I’m not going anywhere or doing anything huge. 

Although there may be a round of golf with Dad involved and a concert or two if the stars align just right.  See you all next week and be safe out there!


So here we are just a few days away from Xmas.  Yes,  I mean Xmas not christmas.  I find myself in the last few days of the pharmacy class that I’ve been teaching.  Only to be emailed today to tell me that the funding program that the students use will not be renewing their contract with the school next semester.  I interpret this as “no money, no class, no need for an instructor, we’ll call you if anything changes.”  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.  I’m looking at it as extra money I would not have had for gifts. 

Next up, language.  Work is allowing me to use Rosetta Stone to learn Italian.  Now, they offered this to the whole hospital and I was one of the first fifteen to sign up so I got in.  They also let us choose one of about fifteen languages.  Italian is what I decided to learn.  I will start this next week.  After my students take their final and I grade it.

Gifts!  Shopping is done.  With the purchase of a very expensive drill for the hubby shopping is completed.  I’m really quite proud of some of the finds I came across.  Sadly, some people still get stuck with gift cards.  I really hate giving them these things but that is what they really wanted so who am I to disappoint?

Lap band update.  It’s been about a month since my first fill and it’s time to get another bit of saline induced restriction.  Just in time for the holiday pig out that everyone is succumbing to.  I’m really quite happy that I’ve got the band forced will power to pass by most of the sugar this year.  My first fill didn’t go so well.  The surgeon couldn’t locate the port so I had to go to have it done under x-ray.  Since then the surgeon says that after seeing the films he is “confident” he can find the port in the office.  We’ll see.  I’m getting more nervous about this as the days progress.  Thursday is the big day.

This Really Happened Once

I kid you not.  Now, out of the two children that my parents had, which one do you think would do such an awful thing?  Yup!  Yours truly.  Of course.  Although,  I still don’t see what the big deal was.  Really.  It’s just anatomy and some innocent snow.

Here’s to everyone having a memorable holiday tomorrow!