Monday Mix-up 7

I was able to go along with Hubby on some service calls last night and we had a grand time listening to music and just hanging out.  I thought that some of these songs would make great additions to my already cracked out vPod selections.  Enjoy!

Brown Eyed Girl~ Van Morrison

This has long since been one of my favorite songs and not just because my eyes are brown.

Drunken Lullabies~ Flogging Molly

I was introduced to Flogging Molly by my long-lost-might-as-well-be-my-little-brother and I will forever be grateful.  Thanks Gunner!

When I’m Gone~ 3 Doors Down

So many possible meanings in this one… which one will you choose?

Whenever I Say Your Name~ Sting and Mary J Blige

When I think of Sting I think of one word… tantric.  Seriously, how can you not love that! Oh, and he’s an amazing musician too.  There’s that too I suppose.

Smile~ Robert Downey Jr

Ever have one of “those” days?  Yah, me neither.  This is one of those good cry kind of songs never mind the beautiful emotional depth that Robert Downey Jr’s voice lends to the words.

Weapon of Choice~ Fatboy Slim

I really have loved Christopher Walken from the time I saw him in Puss in Boots.  Can’t get enough of him dancing!


Monday Mix-up 5 ~OR~ Songs I’m embarrassed about knowing all of the lyrics

Yes, it’s another themed vPod episode here in my corner of the world.  First a rule.  No. Judging.  There it’s been said.

Aint Going Down~ Garth Brooks

Take a deep breath and sing along.  I know you can.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air~ Will Smith

I know I’m not the only one who still knows all the words to this one.

Total Eclipse of the Heart~ Air Supply

Two words.  Thanks.  Mom.

All That Jazz~ Chicago

This is not only one that I know all of the words to it is also one that can easily get stuck in my head for a few days at a time.

We Didn’t Start the Fire~ Billy Joel

This seems pretty easy to sing along to… until you add some (ok a lot) of alcohol.  Then… it’s one heck of a challenge.

What Did You Call Me?

I’m really not good with technology.  I can get the basics done and I’m pretty good with them but the advanced stuff like my iPod and what the sticker on my computer (1 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM) means baffle me.  I don’t do html (I think that’s a programing thing) or any of that other stuff.  I’m doing good to make this blog work (thank you wordpress for making this super easy for me).  So when I was told that my grandmother and my mother (who can barely read her email… Love you Mom!) were going to be skyping I really felt that this is something I need to know how to do as well.

Skype me, Baby!

My Mac has a built in speaker/camera so this should be easy.  I’ve downloaded the program even.  Now I just need someone to talk with so that I know I’ve done this correctly.



Happy Thoughts Part Three

I don’t know what has happened to me the last few weeks.  I’ve tried to write this thing about five different times and each time either the computer I’m on or the site itself decides to eat my work.  I had a really lovely Happy Thoughts post about my new toy… no, not that kind of toy.  Pervs.  She is my new 160gb ipod classic.  I named her too.  Mostly because I had to when I hooked her up to itunes.  I call her Vpod.  Yeah, I’m a nerd.

Thanks to Button I was able to start loading her up with all kinds of goodies.  I have to say my favorite part is that I get to listen to audiobooks during my drive to and from work.  A very wise coworker shared this gem with me.   “It doesn’t matter what kind of traffic you get into because it just means you get a few more minutes of story while you wait.”  Genius really!

Now, if you’ll excuse me.  I need to start finding more books to listen to.