Day 4: Failure and Disappointment

Just when I thought I’d convinced myself that this waking up super early to exercise thing was going well I find a speed bump. Up at 4am yesterday due to an alarm clock fluke from the other side of the bed on a day I have class till 9:30pm means a shot of espresso at 1 and a coffee at 5. Sounds fine until I’m in bed doing deep breathing exercises to try to fall asleep at 1am. Finally drift off only to be startled awake by a dog that can’t hold it at 2:30. Alarm goes off at 5 and… I turn it off.

As my dear husband pointed out last night when I was whining about being sore, if I quit now it will just be harder to start again. I hate when he’s right.

Jillian wins today but I’ll be fighting back again tomorrow.



Day 3: Deeper into Hell


I actually completed the entire workout today! Granted if I sit for too long now I need help getting back up. But I finished it!

This is not to say that I did the majority of the workout without using Jillian’s modified moves. Because that would be a lie. I don’t even care. I can do pushups for the entire time I’m supposed to be doing them. Are they the girly kind using my knees instead of my toes? Hell ya! Is this program kicking my ass? Duh.

I just really hope that my formerly round body catches on soon and stops this super sore routine. Because it is making things hard. Like getting into the car, standing up from the toilet, and don’t even ask me to sit on the floor.

Jillian Death Match Day 2

After doing my first Ripped in 30 workout yesterday I realize what I’ve signed up for. The program is made up of three circuits of her 3-2-1 set up plus warm up and cool down. The 3-2-1 is 3 minutes of strength moves, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute abs. Sounds easy, right? HA! Yesterday I only got through the second circuit. Today my goal was to get past that point.

I still didn’t finish the workout but I did get past where I quit yesterday. So I’m happy with how I did. I have learned a few things though.
1: When she says have water handy. Do it.
2: Fans running on high are very helpful.
3: Wearing shoes really helps.
4: During the cardio sections large-chested women can count on not doing the arm movements because you will be holding the girls down to avoid black eyes. Not even trying to be funny.

After my workout yesterday I expected to be sore but WOW. Even a hot shower didn’t help much. What did help? Another workout. I’ve heard of hair of the dog but never in this context. Guess this is incentive to keep it up.

If I Don’t Die First

First know that other than a few Zumba classes I am not a workout kind of girl. I prefer a good hike or something else that has a workout hidden within. That’s not to say that I haven’t purchased more than a few videos (still wrapped in the plastic for posterity of course). So for me to actually do a video workout it’s something special.

Or maybe it’s more that I’m tired I telling the surgeon that I’m not working out in any way. Other bandsters know the litany of questions never change when you go see the doctor. How much water are you getting? How much protein? Vitamins? Exercise? Take it from me that answering “not enough” to every question gets old. I’ve gone through hell to get where I am but I’ve skipped the workout hell and now I’m stuck.

I’ve lost over 70 pounds but I still have 20-30 more till goal. I’m happy. Don’t get me wrong. But it could always be better. Enter Jillian.

I’ve only seen one episode of the Biggest Loser but Jillian stood out in my mind as one crazy evil woman. And after my first workout with her DVD Ripped In 30 I can honestly say my first impression was right. She. Is. Evil.

Will I continue to work this workout? If my legs don’t give out. Sure! I’ll keep you up to date on my progress.