Year In Review

ImageWith 2013 almost over it’s about time to reflect on everything that’s happened in the last 365 days or so.  I’ve had a busy year.  Most people say that but compared to my previous years this one takes the cake.

  • I changed from full-time to part-time at work
  • I started at Cleveland Chiropractic College to finish up my undergrad work
  • It snowed… a LOT (cleaning up feet upon feet of snow alone sucks)
  • I was snowed in at work so patients would have the care they deserve
  • I had a birthday (duh)
  • I was accepted into the doctorate program
  • I left my job completely to start school full time
  • I put two dogs down for serious health reasons just a few weeks apart
  • I filed for divorce (which wasn’t exactly smooth)
  • I lost two dogs in the split (still have my little cuddle buddy though)
  • I lost a best friend that had been by my side for years
  • I’ve learned how hard it is to take care of a house completely alone (although it’s not changed that much)
  • I’ve started the doctorate program at Cleveland University Kansas City (they got university status in January)
  • I’ve made numerous new friends
  • I’ve had more than a few first dates
  • I’ve found a new best friend and confidant 
  • I’ve learned that I’m not as strong as people believe I am but I’m stronger than I think
  • I’ve been able to check several items off of my bucket list
  • I’ve learned that I like quiet

Overall I think that it’s been a very good year.  Lots of changes but change is good.  Being able to adapt to those changes is better.  I’m stronger for everything that I’ve experienced and as much as I’d like to say that I would rather have had a quiet year I wouldn’t change it for anything.  I finally look forward to the future and welcome it and all that it brings.


Catch Up

It is officially midterm at school. Well at least it is for my fellow undergrads. I am half finished with organic chemistry 1 and general chemistry 2. We only have four more weeks of 24 hour studying. This much schoolwork plus working part time (more on that momentarily) leaves most of us in a rather fun state of sleep deprivation. Everything is funny to us. So when I came across this comic I laughed till I snorted and laughed some more.


I have received my first part time paycheck. Between the fun new tax stuff Washington passed down, the new insurance issues (a whole different post), and the cut in hours I had no idea how much to expect so I couldn’t arrange a budget until the last minute. I am happy to report that things will be really tight but it is very doable. Nothing that we can’t do. Ok we can’t “do” things like cruises but I’m telling myself that it isn’t because of funding but time issues. Yah. That makes it much better.

So back to classes. I love my new friends. Initially I walked in and it was obvious that almost everyone there was already very well acquainted and had quite a family atmosphere. That’s what you get at a small private school. When I say that it didn’t take long to feel like a part of the group I’m talking about by the end of the first day I felt like I belonged and was being included in things. A rare and beautiful atmosphere. It definitely makes it easier when everyone you come into contact with genuinely wants to help you. Especially when you think about how difficult these classes are but I’d be worried about seeing a chiropractor that had easy classes. They are anything but easy. Yet somehow I’m pulling a B in both classes. I’ll take it!

Ok off to study.



There’s been a lot of stressful things going on this month in my house. Thanksgiving and all of the stress that brings with it, our anniversary isn’t stressful but it’s still something out of the regular routine, super understaffed at work, strange work schedule and a few extra long days. It’s a lot to deal with gracefully.

So being the glutton that I am I added another stressor or three to the mix. I can’t tell you all about it just yet but it involves a few years time investment, a whole lot of money, and a 100% complete change from the comfortable norm.

I promise that as soon as I am allowed to tell everyone I will shout it from the rooftops. But until then here’s a picture of a cute little duckling.


Something Profound

A few weeks back I asked for your forgiveness because I was trying to work through some things.  I appreciate your patience.  I’ve not found any huge answers as to what path I will be taking but I’ve ruled a few out.  Narrowing the options is progress, right?

I have learned to appreciate that I cannot force things to line up.  Patience is a virtue they say but I think it’s something we all have the ability to learn.  I’m not about to start touting that I’ve learned the secret because it would be a lie. 

For larger things to work out often it is the little things lined up in such a way that they make a beautiful picture if you just stand back to see.  Like the pictures made up of the tiny images (photo mosaics).  If you only focus on the tiny pictures and how they are flipped or the colors don’t quite flow you’ll completely miss out on the beauty of the larger piece of art. 

Don’t worry about how the little things line up or how they’re flipped.  It will all make a beautiful picture if you just take a moment (stop freaking out about things you can’t control or don’t really matter when you looking from a distance), take a breath, and relax.

One is silver and the other gold

Apparently it’s the time of year where relationships become somewhat precarious. Hubby and I were just talking about this the other day. I have noticed that some friendships are cyclical. I have never been one to have many female friends. For the most part I find that many women focus on playing games and stabbing people in the back instead of being decent human beings. Sadly I speak from experience and have the scars to prove it. Apparently every handful of years there is a cleaning of sorts.

On the other end of the equation is a batch of friends that have disappeared only to reappear later down the road. In my experience these friends reappear when they are least expected and most needed.
Timing is everything in life. Ever dated someone and everything was going ok but the time in your life just wasn’t right for that relationship? The same goes with friendships.
I believe that some people step into your life when they are most needed and quietly step out when their time is over. When they leave they are missed but their time with you is valued. If they reappear they may not be the same sort of friend you needed previously. This is where I have troubles.

A best friend from the past reappears after a dozen years is hard for me to treat the same. We’re still friends but the keep-your-secrets-and-hide-the-body kind of friendship isn’t as strong. Am I hurt by this change? No. It’s just hard for me to reestablish roles.

Am I the only person that has seen this happen in their life? I am grateful to be surrounded by the friends that I have. I also look forward to see how these relationships will change throughout the years to come. If you are one of the friends that has popped back into my life, I say welcome back and thank you. If you are one that has quietly stepped back, I say your time has been treasured and you will never be forgotten.