Backward Logic or Mix-up #10

Yes, I know it’s Wednesday.  However I was debating on waiting until tomorrow to post this because (not to rub it in or anything but I find myself in the middle of a 5 day holiday) my “Monday” will be Thursday.  Why did I decide to take 5 days off from the Pit of Despair?  Well you see… I could.  Every year we have what is called a leave scramble.  You are expected to know when you will want to take vacation time for the next year.  Yah, not so much.  How do I decide when to take time off a whole year in advance?  Find one of our thirteen observed holidays and make a long weekend out of it or open the calendar and pick a random day.  Super scientific I tell ya.  Since yesterday was a “real” holiday most people would have enjoyed a three-day weekend.  Greedy little me needed a bit more time away than that to practice my Jedi skills.  I’m really trying to work on not getting so worked up and learning to relax.  If you know anything about first-born kids you know how well this is going.

Enter the theme for this week’s Mix-up: relax damn it!

Only Time~ Enya

Make fun if you will but I’ll bet I’m not the only one that hums along when this comes on at the store.  Also good to sit in a comfy place with a candle or two and some incense (I like Nag Champa) and just breathe.

Let Her Cry~ Hootie and The Blowfish

It’s taken me a while to really like the sound of Hootie and his fishy friends but for whatever reason this song is the perfect stop-and-mellow-out sound.

True Colors~ Phil Collins

Not only was I an orchestra nerd I was also in every choir I could sign up for in high school.  I had fun as an alto and first soprano was a challenge I accepted gladly.  This was one of the songs that a ladies ensemble I was in performed for state competition.  Nine of us walked away from that performance with gold and a new favorite song in our hearts.

A Long December~ Counting Crows

Back to that friend I kind of dated back in the day.  Lots of time spent listening for the answer to what seemed like a dark question.  Some music helped and some just made me feel that what I was going through was ok.

18 Days~ Saving Abel

Sometimes hope and strength are found hidden within a melancholy song.

Let Him Fly~ Dixie Chicks

I don’t often admit to listening to country music but I have been caught enough to say… yes, I’ve heard of the Dixie Chicks.  I like them even.  This song especially.  Picture a poor little teen girl freshly dumped driving just to drive… this song blaring as the little green Saturn makes it all better.

Cry Me a River~ Diana Krall

To be honest I’ve never heard of this artist before looking for this song.  She really makes me want to head down to Nola now.  Ugh.  vPod has several different artists performing the song.  It’s been in my head off and on for a couple of weeks and figured it needed to be released onto you good people.  I’m off to find out more about Diana Krall now.


Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to enjoy my last free hours before I have to return to the Pit of Despair tomorrow.  Good book, tasty coffee, free time.  I’m happy.


It Returns~ Monday Mix-up 9

Back by popular demand (Hi Cathy!) I bring you the ninth installment of the Monday Mix-up.  May the vPod gods be kind to us this week as we receive their blessings.

In This River~ Black Label Society (Zakk Wilde)

Most of the time when I get to writing one of these mix-up posts I’ve never actually seen the videos to most of the songs I post.  Mom believed MTV would rot our fragile little minds.  HA!  So sometimes the videos that my searches come up with really shock me.  Some are especially disturbing, some are completely what I had in my mind, and some leave me with things to think about… and some leave me bothered for pianos.

The Cave~ Mumford and Sons

Thanks to a good friend I now have some of the songs that go on repeat through my brain on vPod.  There are very few albums I would say I enjoy every track.  This is one of those very few.  A good soundtrack to a nice hot bubble bath.

Tones of Home~ Blind Melon

Remember the 90s?  My favorite movies were Before Sunrise and The Last of the Mohicans.  And this song brings me right back.  The internet was still pretty new and cell phones weighed more than a few ounces.

Asturias~ John Williams

I try to avoid the classical stuff that I’ve got on my vPod but sometimes there’s just no good reason not to share these beautiful pieces with you.  I spent half my life playing the viola and most of it singing.  To hide my appreciation of these kinds of music is something that I’ve had a bit of trouble with.  It’s never been the cool thing to play an instrument let alone get caught humming along with the various parts you’ve played while in oh say an elevator.  Sometimes I’ve even been fussed at for having my fingers flying away while watching a movie that happened to include a piece I’ve played.  Seriously the fingers have a memory of their own.  I’ve always wanted to learn how to play classical guitar and John Williams is the reason.  I went to music camp (enter band camp joke here) before high school and he was a guest artist one evening.  I had no idea who he was but he impressed me and the fascination has stuck all these years later.

Swinging on a Star~ Bruce Willis and Danny Aiello

How can you not love Hudson Hawk?  Yes, Bruce Willis made an album… yes, I bought it.  Yes, it’s awful.  Do I love this song?  Absolutely.

Manic Monday~ The Bangles

As I write this I’ve got a countdown app running on my phone.  A big party?  No.  An assignment due?  No.  Just the weekend.  Yes, it’s Sunday night and I’m counting down to the next weekend.

Monday Mix-up 7

I was able to go along with Hubby on some service calls last night and we had a grand time listening to music and just hanging out.  I thought that some of these songs would make great additions to my already cracked out vPod selections.  Enjoy!

Brown Eyed Girl~ Van Morrison

This has long since been one of my favorite songs and not just because my eyes are brown.

Drunken Lullabies~ Flogging Molly

I was introduced to Flogging Molly by my long-lost-might-as-well-be-my-little-brother and I will forever be grateful.  Thanks Gunner!

When I’m Gone~ 3 Doors Down

So many possible meanings in this one… which one will you choose?

Whenever I Say Your Name~ Sting and Mary J Blige

When I think of Sting I think of one word… tantric.  Seriously, how can you not love that! Oh, and he’s an amazing musician too.  There’s that too I suppose.

Smile~ Robert Downey Jr

Ever have one of “those” days?  Yah, me neither.  This is one of those good cry kind of songs never mind the beautiful emotional depth that Robert Downey Jr’s voice lends to the words.

Weapon of Choice~ Fatboy Slim

I really have loved Christopher Walken from the time I saw him in Puss in Boots.  Can’t get enough of him dancing!

Monday Mix-up v6.1

Hello again my pets!  This is the first I’ve been able to grab a computer in a spare moment (not many of those around anymore it seems).  And because I’m one that gets easily irked when people forget their promises… we will have two, yes TWO, mix-ups today. 

K’s Choice~ When I Lay Beside You

A dear friend introduced me to this band recently and I can’t thank him more.  Some days you just need mellow and these folks fit the bill.

Put Your Lights On~ Carlos Santana and Everlast

Apparently the Gods find it entertaining to watch me dance while doing dishes (by hand mind you) because every single time I do dishes I’ve got vPod on shuffle this song comes on and a little bit of the latin hip thing makes a show.  No, I’m not latin and NO I cannot dance but thanks to Zumba apparently my hips never got that message.  I’m sure I look like I’m having a seizure.  I don’t care.  I’m here to have fun… and do dishes.

Girlfriend~ Avril Lavigne

Can I just say for the record “been there and done that.”  Not proud (ok maybe a little) but there ya go.

I Call Your Name~ The Mamas and the Papas

Have to thank Mom for this one… ok the entire album if truth were told.  We used to listen to this tape- yes tape– repeatedly every time we took any sort of trip.  Maybe I can blame my intense appreciation of harmonies on the Mamas and the Papas?

Is this Love~ Bob Marley

Talk about a song that gets people moving.  Another dishwashing favorite.  Seriously, go to Jamaica, listen to this song while on a boat, with a few glasses of rum punch in you, and you have found heaven. 


Remember how I said that I’m married to a man who spends most of his days driving a tow truck? Well living in the Midwest means that at random times during the winter he may or may not be around the house much. With my husband constantly on the move he also tends to take our air card with him. For those readers not familiar with the term “air card” let me explain that it is a device that plugs into a computer and provides internet access. No card = no internet = no Monday mix-up. So I owe you a mix-up post. Enjoy the snow!