Stress is a funny thing.  Sometimes it presents as binge eating (as some of my classmates can attest to), binge drinking, crying, hiding, over-sleeping, and even random acts of escape.  Everyone handles stress differently.  I think it’s as much the kind of stress as it is the kind of person you are.  I have eight finals that will span just over week.  Before I started my first doctorate trimester I asked a friend that had just finished her first tri(mester) for some idea of what I could expect.  Her answer was “lots of wine and tears.”  I thought she was joking.  I had no idea how right she was.  A lady at school that specializes in dealing with the mess that all of us students can be offered these words of wisdom, “tell your loved ones that their plans for gatherings should be fluid and make sure they understand that holidays and birthdays will have to happen even if you can’t attend.”  Again I thought she was joking to a degree.  I was wrong again.  

Drinking helps for some but there’s a fine line when that can become dangerous.  Some of my colleagues have turned to spirituality.  Since I’ve never actively embraced a religion this one is hard for me, although mediation and praying the mala helps me to decompress.  If you’re not familiar with a mala it’s similar to the Catholic rosary but based in Buddhism.  It’s composed of 108 beads and each one is passed through the fingers (depending on what you’re praying for or focusing on you would use different fingers).  It’s to focus on a meditative thought.  This link can help to explain it a bit better. 

Now if you’ll excuse me I have some beads to focus on.



One Heck of a Week

Today is our anniversary.  I’ve spent most of it sleeping on the couch.  No we’re not fighting.  We’re sick.

This nightmare of a week started Tuesday when I was teaching.  I had the “got a bit of a tickle cough” going on.  Only to wake up Wednesday with a heck of a temp.  We’re talking 102 when I left early from the office.  After a nice nap on the couch I went to my psych follow-up (part of the lap band program) and didn’t feel well at all there then it was off to the walk in clinic my primary care dr office offers.  I was so not happy with this experience.  Let’s just say that for people who are not feeling well sitting ALONE in a waiting area for two flipping hours makes you feel so much better.

Anyway, once I was seen by the triage nurse she told me to talk to the lap people.  Um, ok.  Let me word this carefully.  Getting my nostril pierced hurt less than getting my nasal passage swabbed.  Then because that went so well the lab lady decided that my throat should be swabbed as well.  Yippee.  At least these tests were of the rapid variety.  Both came up negative for flu and strep respectively.  Back to the exam room.  Dr comes in.  Dr says “well the tests were negative so looks like it’s viral.  Want a note for work?”  I really think that my eye was starting to twitch after that one.  So two hours waiting and about five minutes being seen I get a note for work and an order to call them if it gets worse and I can come back in (for another copay).  Not happening.  I went straight to bed only to wake up at about 2am with a temp of 103.2 and seeing sparkly things.  Good times.

Cool shower and sleeping on the couch helped to pull that temp down to a more manageable 100 or so.  Only to have to go to the surgeon’s office to get my first fill.  I waited five weeks for this I was going come hell-or-high-water.  Yeah, did attempted to do that.  Apparently the port where they inject the saline into the band has shifted somehow and I have to get my fill under x-ray.  But the lady that schedules these isn’t in until Monday.  Just getting better isn’t it.  Going back home to bed.

Silly me thought that I could teach that night.  HA!  Ok, it’s not like I could call and get a sub so I went in.  Got home and you betcha… 102 again.  Ugh.  See a pattern yet?  Stayed in bed Friday.  All day.  It would have been nice except now in addition to the fever I’m producing enough green garbage to sink a small barge.  Fast forward to today.  Sunday.  Anniversary.  Yeah, right.  He got a mini quiche breakfast because it was super easy and I felt bad about not doing anything else for the poor man… and back to bed.  I’ve got to go into work tomorrow.  Not sure how that will go but it will be done.  Prayer heals, right?  Yeah, let’s try that.

From Bad to Worse

My father in-law will be having heart bypass surgery today. After all of the heart attacks he’s had this week the surgeons don’t want to wait any longer. The original plan was to wait a few weeks for his heart to heal a bit from the first massive attack.  That would have been a great idea if he hadn’t had a few more attacks in the process.

It’s scheduled for about 11:30.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers today.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

A Personal Request

As some of you know my father in-law is going through a really hard time with his health.  In the time of just over two weeks he’s been in the hospital twice.  The first time he left as a new dialysis patient.  This Sunday he had a massive heart attack and we’re trying to work out what the next step in his care is.

If you pray I’m asking that your prayers be with my family.  If you don’t pray please keep us in your thoughts. 

Thank you.