A Very Sexual Purse?

My birthday is coming up and every year I get a new purse. Nothing crazy. Nothing pricy even. I usually get what works for me at Kmart. Told you it wasn’t pricy.

Kmart offers the option to email your receipt. I like this idea actually. I glanced at the clerk’s screen as I was paying and something completely inappropriately funny caught my eye. I wasn’t 100% sure I was correct so I had to wait a few moments for the email to arrive before I could verify the comedy in what I saw.

Ready? Ok, look at the second item an tell me I’m not the only one to find that a hilarious promise from a purse.



Begin the Hate

Not the pile in my home but similar

I’ve posted in the past about my obsession with finding the perfect gift for people during the holidays.  The one thing that they may have mentioned in February that would make them happy to receive sometimes ends up in their possession during the holidays.  This is something I strive for.  To see that the recipient totally forgot they even mentioned it is the best reward.   Sometimes it’s something that is made special just for them (we’re talking crafty stuff) or even a gathering of smaller things running with a theme.  Silent Bob was presented with a foodie’s delight basket last year.  I really had a hard time not digging into that one early myself.

With one exception my holiday gifts are finished.  Totally. Done.  Some purchased stuff along with some creative stuff.  But that part doesn’t matter as much as it being complete.  I don’t have to worry about a panicked search through the aisles of Hellmart finding the perfect popcorn tin. 

Yah, you can hate me.  I’m okay with that.

14 Days Until Xmas!!!

So here’s what I had about a month ago for you to peruse.  Notice some of these have been slightly altered.

Button- Done Still looking (what WAS her xmas gift turned into her bday gift since she was having a really bad day)

ClockTower- Have idea just not funds yet DONE

K- Done

Silent Bob- Done

MomD- Have idea just not funds yet DONE (the macaroni art that is)

DadD- Done

MomB- No idea Idea but no funds yet

DadB- No idea DONE

HS- Done

Work friends- A little less than half done making things. Only have one more to make.

I say that’s still pretty good.  Especially since I have heard several people asking if others have even started shopping.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have a final to work on.  Wish me luck!  Chem sucks!!

A Lesson to be Learned by All

I don’t work in the safest of places.  Because of this I call R as I walk out to the car every night.  Last night was no exception.  He had plans on going to his uncle’s house after work so he could make a holster for his pistol.  Little did I know that the simple question “Have you gone to your uncle’s house yet?” would cause such a problem for dear R.  As he was walking into helmart he answered me with “I’ve got the gun with me so I might as well.”  Yah, the next thing he knows he’s hearing someone say “that’s him right there.”  Enter Bonner’s finest.

After several minutes of questioning and emptying of pockets all was well.  The police were quite unhappy that the lady that overheard R’s conversation with me told them that she actually saw a gun.  Go figure.  Now that’s a lesson we can all learn from… Don’t laugh in the face of a man that just had to convince some cops that he’s not a crazy maniac.