Happy 6(9) Year Anniversary!

It’s the one thing Ryan and I have argued over for years.  He says since we acted married from the start it should be 9 years but by paper it’s only 6.  Since he made me a deal when we got married that I could get a diamond anniversary band to match my wedding band when we got to our 10 year anniversary I’ll agree to the 9 year mark.  Now, he’s all for this until I remind him about the shiny promise… then we’re back to the legal numbers.  😦  Poo  I likes me my shiny stuff!

Regardless who wins this one it’s our anniversary all the same.  We got to take a trip last year to see all the pretty colors of the Lake of the Ozark area.  It was a lovely long weekend.  No plans other than some nice quiet alone time this year though.  I have one amazing man I tell ya!


I found mine!


Monday Mix-up 7

I was able to go along with Hubby on some service calls last night and we had a grand time listening to music and just hanging out.  I thought that some of these songs would make great additions to my already cracked out vPod selections.  Enjoy!

Brown Eyed Girl~ Van Morrison

This has long since been one of my favorite songs and not just because my eyes are brown.

Drunken Lullabies~ Flogging Molly

I was introduced to Flogging Molly by my long-lost-might-as-well-be-my-little-brother and I will forever be grateful.  Thanks Gunner!

When I’m Gone~ 3 Doors Down

So many possible meanings in this one… which one will you choose?

Whenever I Say Your Name~ Sting and Mary J Blige

When I think of Sting I think of one word… tantric.  Seriously, how can you not love that! Oh, and he’s an amazing musician too.  There’s that too I suppose.

Smile~ Robert Downey Jr

Ever have one of “those” days?  Yah, me neither.  This is one of those good cry kind of songs never mind the beautiful emotional depth that Robert Downey Jr’s voice lends to the words.

Weapon of Choice~ Fatboy Slim

I really have loved Christopher Walken from the time I saw him in Puss in Boots.  Can’t get enough of him dancing!

Monday Mix-Up!

I know that when I introduced Monday Mix-up last week I said that it would be a mix of whatever popped up on vPod (it’s my personal brand of iPod) but the creatures that live in my brain dictated that I share some of the songs that really mean something special to me.

Anna Begins ~Counting Crows

Many years ago a friend and I sort of dated for a bit… one of those where we loved being together but didn’t really know where to go from there.  This friend introduced me to this song.  Go figure that it quickly became an important song to me.

Never Coming Home~ Sting

This pretty much was my theme song for the time it took me to work up the courage to leave an abusive now ex-husband.  I still can’t listen to it without remembering all of the emotions I was going through at that time.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s~ Deep Blue Something

I fell hard for my first boyfriend.  Who didn’t.  He was the bad boy in the neighborhood who begged me to date him and apparently I broke his heart when I dumped him for a slightly older guy (typical movie plot here folks).  Well the older guy turned out to be a dirt bag (more movie plot) and when I tried going back to the bad boy he wouldn’t have any of it (see a pattern here?).  I think I spent weeks listening to this song cranked as loud as it would go… my poor parents.  It didn’t bring him back but it made me feel better… either that or it was the endless crying.  The world may never know.

Canción Del Mariachi~ Antonio Banderas and Los Lobos

I’ve posted in the past about how I have an attraction to men who play instruments and sing.  Here ya go… can you blame me though?

Moonlight Sonata Movement 1

There’s just something hauntingly beautiful about this piece.  I can and have listened to it on repeat for hours at a time.  It has the power to bring tears as well as relax all of the stresses away.

Top 5… Music Men

Like I’ve said before I’m a huge sucker for guys that sing.  I don’t know how I got this way but I’m really okay with it.  Really.  Some of these gentlemen might surprise you.  As always, there’s no specific order to these blokes.


I really love his acoustic work… or maybe it’s because he’s rumored to practice tantric sex.  Hmmm.

Robert Downey Jr

Yes, he sings!  He has his own album (it’s ok) but the one that really surprised me was his days on Ally McBeal.  He was a regular singing machine on that show.  One of my favorite songs is Smile (the old Charlie Chaplin song).  His version is just amazing.

Harry Connick Jr

When people say “crooner” THIS is who they are talking about… forget Sinatra.  He sings, plays the piano, is Southern, and absolutely adorable!  I’ve just about worn out my copy of Hope Floats because of this man.

Christian Bale

Don’t think Batman sings?  Think again my friends.  Check out a little flick called Newsies.  I’ve loved this guy since before he could grow a full beard.  Really.

Ewan McGregor

Yes, this Jedi master can sing… belt it even.  A favorite of mine is from Moulan Rogue… Cheaters Tango.  His counter melody is amazing.