A New Series

Since my series of Top 5 men went over so well I will be starting a new series of blogs for you all to enjoy.  Since school is taking up more of my time than I’m used to and work is getting really not pleasant (anti-depressants are involved) I thought that a few times a week it would be good to think about the little things that make me happy.  It couldn’t hurt to raise the spirits at least!

So the first thing that makes me happy was my breakfast treat today.  Since I’m working Saturday I got to take today off.  Errands were run, studying was done, and blogging is taken care of.  This is my little taste of happiness today…

My friends… let me tell you about a chai latte.  Chai is classically a heavily spiced tea.  Usually it’s darjeeling tea with heavy amounts of cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger.  Now, add that to hot steamed milk and you have the latte part.  It is like a warm hug!  I love it… really.  It isn’t something that I get very often so maybe that is why it is so highly favored.  No idea.  I just know it’s good and I got to have one today.  Maybe if I’m really good I’ll get another after class tonight.


Top 5… Fictional Men

Yet another installment of this fun little game.  Here are the top five fictional men I wouldn’t mind being stranded alone with.  As always the rule applies that there is no order to this list.

Of course Edward Cullen should also be on this list but I figured that was a given so here are the other five that I would group with him.

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy

Pride and Prejudice- How can anyone look down upon someone so carefully guarded of his personal life?  There must be a good reason it is so hard to crack his serious exterior.  Who doesn’t love Mr. Darcy?

Theodore ‘Laurie’ Lawrence

Little Women- I guess I’m always a sucker for the guy that confesses his love only to be turned down.  It really takes guts to take that chance.

Balian de Ibelin

Kingdom of Heaven- This poor guy has lost his child, lost his wife (she killed herself after their baby died), had his father walk into his life, had his father die, survived a ship wreck, befriended a king, and fought for Jerusalem.  How can anyone not want to be a part of this very dynamic character’s life?

Dr. Carlisle Cullen

Twilight- He’s completely altruistic, family oriented, and 100% committed to Esme (lucky woman).  I’d be ok with being adopted even! (I only said that Edward wasn’t on this list)

Carpathian Men

Any and all of Christine Feehan’s Carpathian men.  Wikipedia describes them best.

The Dark Series introduces the Carpathians, a powerful and ancient race. They have many gifts, including the ability to shape-shift, and extended life spans, living over 1000 years. Though they feed on human blood, they don’t kill their human prey, and for the most part live among humans without detection. Despite their gifts, the Carpathians are on the edge of extinction. There have been few children born to them in the past few centuries, and those that have been born are all male and often die in the first year. It has been more than 500 years since a female has been born. In the absence of their female counterparts, also known as “lifemates”, male Carpathians lose the ability to feel emotions and to see in color. The only feeling left to them is the thrill of making a kill. Once a male has done this, he loses his soul and “turns”, becoming the monster of human legend, the vampire or the “undead”. With so few females left, males are forced to make a stark choice: either become vampire or “greet the dawn” (i.e. commit suicide). However, when they do find a lifemate, the ability to see in color and their emotions are restored to them, and their souls are saved.

Top 5… Music Men

Like I’ve said before I’m a huge sucker for guys that sing.  I don’t know how I got this way but I’m really okay with it.  Really.  Some of these gentlemen might surprise you.  As always, there’s no specific order to these blokes.


I really love his acoustic work… or maybe it’s because he’s rumored to practice tantric sex.  Hmmm.

Robert Downey Jr

Yes, he sings!  He has his own album (it’s ok) but the one that really surprised me was his days on Ally McBeal.  He was a regular singing machine on that show.  One of my favorite songs is Smile (the old Charlie Chaplin song).  His version is just amazing.

Harry Connick Jr

When people say “crooner” THIS is who they are talking about… forget Sinatra.  He sings, plays the piano, is Southern, and absolutely adorable!  I’ve just about worn out my copy of Hope Floats because of this man.

Christian Bale

Don’t think Batman sings?  Think again my friends.  Check out a little flick called Newsies.  I’ve loved this guy since before he could grow a full beard.  Really.

Ewan McGregor

Yes, this Jedi master can sing… belt it even.  A favorite of mine is from Moulan Rogue… Cheaters Tango.  His counter melody is amazing.

Top 5 Over 50

Yes, I did it.  I’ve received several emails about my last Top 5 listing telling me I missed some people.  I figure I’ll make a few different kinds of these.  With no further adieu I present to you my top five men over fifty.  Of course there’s no real order to these fellows so don’t ask.  Enjoy!

Liam Neeson

What can I say?  His smile grabs me, his voice holds me close, those fantastic baby blues say all sorts of secret things to me, and I’m pretty much mush after that.  See him in Batman Begins, Kingdom of Heaven, Love Actually, and Rob Roy to name a few.

Sean Connery

Arguably the best Bond ever.  Sir Connery’s classic style and smooth voice can be seen in such movies as Entrapment, The Rock, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and my favorite Medicine Man.

Willem Dafoe

Yes, I know he’s been called the ugliest man in hollywood but I can’t help myself.  I think it’s how he plays his roles.  I was smitten from the first scene in Boondock Saints and equally impressed in the Spiderman movies.

Harrison Ford

I’ve been looking for my own Professor Jones for many many years now… Harrison you are to blame I tell you!

Anthony Hopkins

Yes, I know Hannibal was a bad man but Anthony Hopkins really made this extreme character human.  He is an amazing actor with a voice made of pure silk.  I could listen to him speak for hours and never tire.